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Update News

Sorry for the lack of updates. I cant believe how much time has passed. The last few of months I've been in college completing my first year welding course. I am happy to say I passed my first year with excellent marks. Completing this training is very important to me. Once I become a Journeyman welder I will make a very good living. Given the state of the worlds economy I cant past up an opportunity like this, especially when my company is paying for my training.

About December, 21, 2012

So the date has finally arrived. In the story Post-Nuke the Nuclear war broke out in 2012. Back in 2003 when I started Post-Nuke very few people actually heard about 2012. Little did I know at the time that it would be one of the most mistranslated, blown out of proportion dates of all time. No where in the Mayan texts does it actually say on this day the world ends. The truth is the Mayans never predicted the world was going to end on December 21 2012. It was the date on which their long count calender ends. But their calendar system is a set of gears. When it reaches the end it just continue as a new cycle. It is a very important date as far as astronomy is concerned. There is a number of planetary alinements and the sun is now eclipsing the center of our galaxy. So they had their reasons for picking this date, but its not because the world will end. So sleep well tonight because nothing is going to happen. (knock on wood)

Now I know I added to the whole 2012 doomsday thing with post-nuke. But at the time I didn't know what I know now. I will most likely remove the date and leave it up to the readers imagination when the world ends.

As for Post-Nuke, I am working on it when I get the chance. Updates will come sometime in the future, But I'm not exactly sure when. I haven't given up on Post-Nuke yet. Thanks.


It has been a long time with no updates, but I do have great news! The last 8 months I've been working at my new full time job as a first year welders apprentice. The company I work for makes large oil field storage tanks. I finally got a great weekend position I've been waiting for all this time. I work 3 days Friday to Sunday and get the other 4 days off! Well sometimes 3 days off, I do like to work an extra day of overtime. I am now back to work on the comics. I am finally able to balance my full time job with my web comic life. I'm very excited about this. It may still be a few more weeks, but New updates are on the way. You can read more about it on my blog site.

I also seen a good show on Spike TV called Surviving Disaster. One episode explains how you can increase your chances of survival in a nuclear Attack. A lot of good information. I've read many nuclear survival books and this covers most of the basics. Spike TV has this whole episode and others on their website. Hopefully no one will ever need to use this infromation.


Hello! Yes I am still alive and well, very well actually. First I want to apologize for my long hiatus. I certainly didn't expect it to last this long. There was a lot going on in my life this past year. I was focused on my full time job and saving money. I also bought a nice little house! I was renting a small bed room that barely had enough room for my computer, let alone elbow space to draw. It is very nice to have one room set aside just for my art studio. There was quit a bit of paper worked involved buying a house. Setting up all the services also took sometime. I had to wait a month just for my internet to be hooked up. Ridiculous wait time if you ask me. But I am now all set-up and settled in.

As for post-nuke comics, its not over yet. I have been working on new comic pages when I have the chance. I had hoped I'd be done the story by now, but my full time job interferes a lot. I only have a few hours a night to work on it. So its been very slow going. However I do have more time to work on it now and I also got my hands on a 17inch LCD Wacom tablet. WOW I really love my new tablet! It allows me to do things I never could have done before. I can't say for sure when new comic page updates will start again. Hopefully very soon, so please hang in there.


I'm really sorry but no new comic pages yet. I have been very busy at my full time job, Yes I know everyone is sick of me talking about my job, I hate it too and would love nothing more then to work on Post-Nuke full time again. But I do need a job to pay my bills, something Post-Nuke doesn't do. I Just want to let everyone know that I haven't given up on it and I am still working on new comic pages when I get the chance. Once I have accumulated enough pages I will update them. At the moment I do not have enough pages banked. If I update now, my job will most likely interfere and I will fall behind and everyone will be pissed off at me again. Well actually everyone seems to be mad at me already for not updating, but its worse when I update, stop, update, stop. That really drives people crazy. So when I do finally have enough pages banked I will update again and there will be no delays.

The good news is I've been working hard saving up my money to build a serious digital art studio. I finally have my new computer up and running. You can read more about it on my Deviant Art Journal. As mentioned before my old computer was really getting out of date and lagging behind. This new computer will allow me to do things I could never have done before. I have big plans for this new computer, so expect to see more artwork and comics in the very near future.


New revised version of Chapter 1 is now online! I replace the old version of Chapter 1 with the new revised comic book version. I have almost sold all the printed comic book and since it took me 2 years to sell all 400 of them, I am not printing any more. So I decided to upload the new version of Chapter 1. I feel the old version was very rough and may have repelled some new people away. This was the original first page... nasty! I think this new polished up version is a big improvement and it should give a better first impression. It should also give fans a sample of want to expect with the complete graphic novel I've been working on. As you can see, I haven't change the story. I just improved the artwork,  writing and added a little more to it. I hope you enjoy it.

I am also very excited with the new computer I'm putting together. I just got my new mobo (motherboard) EVGA X58 Classified and Intel Core i7 Processor. This is a nasty Hot Rod machine I'm building. I've been planning and dreaming about this computer build for a while, and now I finally saved up enough to start putting it all together. You can read more about it on my DeviantArt Journal.


First I'd like to share a link to an awesome post-apocalyptic online comic called "Romantically Apocalyptic". I really love this comic. Very good writing and great dark humor. The artwork is also amazing, very detailed. If you like Post-Nuke comic or Gong with the blast wave  then you'll love this comic. You can also see more if his incredible artwork on his Deviant art site

Also a Brazilian entertainment web site was kind enough to write a review about Post-Nuke comics. http://heroi.uol.com.br//conteudo.php?id=3099 I don't understand Portuguese, but I did run it through a online translator and it sounds very nice. I know I do have some Brazilian Post-Nuke fans as I did mail a few comics books to Brazil. I thought some of you fans might be interested. Thank you so much for the review Leonardo Carvalho. I really do appreciate it.

Back to post-nuke comics. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been really busy at my new full time job. I work in a grocery warehouse. I could have a lot of other jobs, but I picked this job because I wanted a low stress job that had flexible hours so I can work on my side projects. That was the plan anyway. However since I have computer skills I was given another position in file maintenance. So now I'm working two positions. This whole last month I was training hard for the new office position. I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I have about 30000 products I need to literally memorize and know where they are in the store. Yup, they nearly melted my brain, but I'm getting the hang of it now. So hopefully I can finally get back into a normal routine and finish off my comic pages. 


The New Year has started off good for me. I started my new full time job about 3 weeks ago and it is going very well. People are very nice there and work hours are good. It still gives me time to work on post-nuke. Although I have to admit the first two weeks kind of kicked my ass, but I am getting used to it now. I'm back to work on the new comic pages. I still don't have enough pages done for my buffer zone to start regular updates. So it will be a few more weeks for me to get them done, so please be patient! There will be much more to come. I am also making my Deviant Art site my new personal blog page. I try to keep this page strictly for post-nuke comic related topics. So check out my Deviant art site for new personal blogs.  

I also finally got high speed Internet! The small town I live in doesn't have high-speed cable lines so I had to go wireless. I've been stuck with dial-up this whole time. Yes, the horror!! I did try the mobile Internet stick for the last few months and it worked pretty good. It was much faster then dial-up, but it sometimes cut in and out. Which was very annoying. The main problem was the price. It was far to expensive to use a mobile stick. While the set-up for high-speed wireless Internet was expensive, the monthly fees are much cheaper. I'm very happy with my new high-speed Internet. It is very nice being able to download 10mb in less then a minute!

I just seen James Cameron's new movie Avatar. Wow!! I was really blown away by it. I liked it a lot! One of the best science fiction movies I've seen in a long time. I think the story is great and the visual effects are on a whole new level. I really recommend people see it in 3D if you get the chance. It really is amazing!

My heart also goes out to the people of Haiti hit by a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which leveled much of the country. Haiti has a rough history and I hope all the international aid is actually going to where it's needed and they make a speedy recovery. A truly horrifying situation.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is the long awaited page 10 of chapter 10! We learn a little more about Emily's past in this page. Oh, the plot thickens. I'm still working on my buffer page zone, so please don't expect regular updates quite yet. This was an end of the year present for people being so patient. I'm making good progress on these pages and I will be updating regularly very soon. I'm trying to get things fired up here again. So please show your support by Voting, checking out our sponsors ads and if you can, buy an issue one comic book

It's hard to believe this decade is over already. 2009 has been quite a year for end-of-the-world type movies. 9, 2012, The Road, and The Book of Eli. I think I maybe missing one more but I can't remember. Anyway I haven't seen any of them! I do plan to see them soon once I have more time. But it is something for you to check out if you haven't already. I am planning to see Avatar in 3D soon. I'm a big James Cameron fan and this movie looks amazing. 


I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'm hoping 2010 is the year I will finish post-nuke comic. I really want to thank everyone for being patient with me and not hounding me for new updates during this hiatus. I really needed a brake from Post-Nuke comic and it has really helped replenish my creative energy. A lot of people don't realize the exhausting amount of work that goes into these comics. I have been working hard on chapter 10 making a buffer zone. Where I have at least 15 to 20 pages done a head of time. Before I would make one comic page at a time. This would get me into trouble. I definitely can't do that now with an epic battle scene coming. It will of course have a cliffhanger on nearly every page. I can't have for example, an RPG (Rocket-Propelled Grenade) flying towards Christopher's head and... oh hold on, now everyone has to wait 3 weeks to see what happens next. I understand how annoying and unacceptable that is. That's why I'm making this buffer zone. I can't say when regular updates will start again. But I am working hard on it and once I have accumulated enough pages I will be updating the comic once again. But new comic pages should be up very soon.

I did update this website. I added new fan art to the wallpaper & fan art page and I also updated the FAQ page. I also finally setup a DevenatArt site. There you can see some of my other artworks. I just started it, so I will be adding much more artwork to it in the near future. I also have a Youtube channel. I haven't uploaded any videos yet, but I plan to in the near future. 


As for my gold prospecting trip. I wish I could show a hand full of gold, but that didn't quite happen. We did find some gold, on average a little over a gram of gold per day, shown in the image above. But our total gold didn't even come to an ounce. Hell I made more money with Post-Nuke Comics, now that is really bad! LOL. But that's not really the point. We're doing it because it is a lot of fun and gives us a reason to get outdoors. But I am giving up on that creek and moving on to another. The creek we were in is not the richest, and many people have given up on it for the same reason. It is also a very difficult creek to work. It had big rocks and bolders everywhere, making the digging process very slow. Either way it was a beautiful place and we had a good time. We seen a lot of wild life, Black Bears and a cougar. There was also a Bald Eagle living in the area and would sit above us on a tree watching intently at what we where up too. That was pretty cool. I didn't see any Sasquatches though. We had to be out of the creek by the end of September. That's when the Salmon fish arrived. By law we're not aloud to be in the creek during the Salmon spawning season. Which is ok by me because I don't want to contribute to the demise of the Salmon fish species. I am environmentally conscious and I do try to live as green as possible. 

It was a busy year but things are finally winding down now, so I have much more time to work on the comic. Thank you all again for being so patient, I really do appreciate it. Chapter 10 is really a spectacular chapter. It is the grand finale for this graphic novel and I put a lot of work into it. The wait will be worth it. 


I'm sorry to say Post-Nuke comics will be on hiatus for a few more months. This is not the end of Post-Nuke, there will be more to come in the future. But for now there will be no new comic updates. The best way to stay in touch is to use our RSS feed.

There are many reasons for this. The main reason is chapter 10 is a very challenging chapter. While I do have the main story scripted, I am still working on the intricate sub plots and new character development. I have the whole battle scene storyboarded, but it is these next 10 pages (the lead up to the battle) that is giving me some trouble. This is a huge chapter, currently story boarded at 40 pages. There is a lot of planning and designing involved and I do have something special planned. But this is a lot of work and will take some time. 

Post-Nuke storyline

The number one question I get asked is "what is in the mysterious box?" I spent a long time thinking how I could explain this with out spoiling anything. I really can't tell people what is in the box, because it is a very important part of the story and will ruin the surprise. As you can see from my illustration above, the mysterious box is a very important part of this story. The object in the box is not only the final piece of the story puzzle, but also the point were several story lines converge. It is amazing how it plays out. Once you know what is in the box you can actually go back and re-read the entire comic and see it from an entirely new viewpoint. This will wrap up graphic novel one nicely, but will also raise many new questions,  which will be concluded in graphic novel two. The whole Post-Nuke story is broken down into two graphic novels each containing 10 chapters about 20 pages long. So we're just finishing graphic novel one.  Once you read the whole story you will understand why the story had to be told this way. This was always the plan.   

One of the many things I do is placer gold prospecting. Every weekend my father and I are exploring a well know gold bearing creek. I designed and  built a 3inch Suction high banker from scratch. It's basically a big underwater vacuum cleaner. It sucks up the gravel through the nozzle, and then runs it through the sluice box. The heavy material (like gold) is left behind while all the light material like rocks and sand is washed back out into the creek. It works great, and yes we are following all laws and regulations. We did find some good size gold flakes in several test holes and we feel we maybe nearing a gold deposit. Well I hope anyway. Ether way it is of fun and I do enjoy the great outdoors. This web site has great info about it if your interested in learning more. 

So that's what I'll be doing most of the summer. But in Fall time the water becomes to cold and in winter there is at least 2 meters of snow out there. I should be back with more updates late fall. I really want to thank all the fans that gave there support over the years. There will be much more to come and I hope you all will be back in the future.   


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